Trekking Exotic Chin Hills (10 Days Itinerary)

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10 Days – 9 Nights Trekking
Exotic Chin Hills (10 Days Itinerary)
Sample itinerary - actual may vary

Day 1 : Bagan – Mindat (approx 7 hrs)
Breakfast and we hit the road for the Chin Hills. First leg we cross Ayeyarwady river via newly build bridge. On a steadily worsening road we finally make Mindat after spending about 7 good hours on the road including lunch and photo stops. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Mindat.

Day 2 : Mindat - Khone Ei (approx 5 hrs)
Breakfast and we depart Mindat for Khone Eai. First 14 miles we do with truck (approx 2 hour), leave our truck and start trek through pine forest to Hilaung (approx one hour), situated on the valley of the pine forest. Lunch stop and continue trek to Helong and further trek (approx 2 hour) to Khone Eai. Dinner and overnight at local home.

Day 3 : Khone Ei – Amlong (approx 5 hrs)
We enjoy a delightful morning beauty of the Chin Hills. Breakfast and we trek to Htwe (approx one hour) enjoying birding, nature and scenic vista. Further trek (approx one hour) we reach at Htal Pan where we have lunch stop. Further an hour or so trek uphill through pine forests will get us at our today destination at Amlong. Dinner and overnight at local home near the site of a small Buddhist monastery and a newly built pagoda on the hill. 

Day 4 : Amlong - Kyar Ai Nuu (approx 5 hrs)
Breakfast and we get on the trail which a good and steady descent to a suspension bridge crossing the River Chi. From the valley bottom it’s all uphill to the village of Kyar Ai Nuu but the path is never too steep and we make our home for the day by lunchtime. Our accommodation is another school house right by the local football pitch. This is a particularly lively village and plenty of locals come out to introduce themselves including the local pastor and the village leader. As we have plenty of time today people catch up on a shower. It’s the weekend so most of the kids are at home, but some come down from the village to say hello, and the greeting we get from every village really is one of the features of this route, with the locals equally as curious about us, as most of us are about the locals.

Day 5 : Kyar Ei Nuu – Madat (approx 5 hrs)
Breakfast and we set off to Madat. The first hour is a very steep descent to the valley bottom and bridge and route passing several simple small tombs by the path. These are animist graves where the ashes of the deceased are placed inside roughly built small stone structures. Crossing the river by the bridge we now walk along the rocky stream bed for half an hour before making a steep ascent for 20 minutes to the village of Amlong built on the crest of a ridge. From here we descend to the next valley bottom but this time on a more gradual path. There has been a landslip at this point and the bridge is just several well placed logs and a tricky but very short climb up the other side of the valley where the landslide has taken the path away. From this valley bottom it is an hour tough ascent to Madat. 

Day 6 : Madat - Kyardo - Aye (approx 6 hrs)
Breakfast and we set off to Kyardo which is approximately 2 hours away on a steadily undulating path with plenty of village life along the way with a good example of the wooden sacrificial poles know to animism. Kyardo, although in a steep sided valley getting little light is very near a rich source of precious metals, including gold, mostly sourced from the nearby river. The river is also source for a superb spot for grabbing a brain freezing shower which most of us indulge in. We retrace the 1st 10 minutes to the creek bed we bathed in the evening before. From here it’s a steep and sometimes muddy and difficult path which eases after an hour of climbing. For the next 3 hours it’s much better path with the valley now opening up on the left to much broader views of the plains to the north and east. After that it’s an hours steep hike through heavily forested and touch route finding path in places, with a second hour on much better jeep track which leads to a hotel in progress owned by one of the local bigwigs. We stay in a couple of the finished rooms of the hotel and there is opportunity for people to recharge their camera batteries.

Day 7 : Aye – Ranchi Camp  (approx 5 hrs)
Breakfast and we trek to Ranchi camp (8 mile, approx 5 hour, locate at the bottom of Mt. Victoria. Trek goes through the park system amongst large oaks and laurels which later change into rhododendron bushes. This beautiful park system covers a large area with dense jungle, pine trees at higher levels and oak trees. The national park is an area of great bio-diversity with many rare forms of flora and fauna. Trek goes along the most famous birding area in Myanmar with scenic valley through pine trees. Lunch on the way, dinner and overnight at camp.

Day 8 : Ranchi Camp – Mt. Victoria Summit (approx 3 hrs)
Breakfast and trek to Mt. Victoria summit (5 mile, approx 3 hour). We have a challenging trail on say first hour as the trail goes quite deep up but once we get on a mule trail then it became easier through the peak. We relax for some time and enjoy lunch. There is also a golden pagoda, only a few minutes beyond the summit. We set up camp between the summit and the pagoda on a small forested col which is a little windy but not at all a bad spot to spend the night. It’s also ideally placed as its only 30 seconds from the summit which is great for being in the right place for sunset and rise. As this is the highest point in the Chin Hills being much colder and much windier than any night previously. Mt. Victoria offers superb views of the surrounding area from the top. Birders may follow the rare species of birds so as botanic may explore species of trees and plants some of which may be only native to this region. If you are neither birder nor botanic then simply enjoy the breadth taking beauty of entire park from a hilltop.

Day 9 : Victoria Summit – Base Camp – Kampalat (approx 3 hour) 
The early birds catch a dramatic sunrise in cloud inversion. Later we have breakfast and heading back down to base camp where we meet the await jeeps. We bit our farewell to the crew here as most of them will come along as trek ends here. After one hour drive on a bumpy road here we arrive at our lodge. The hotel is in very nice grounds but is quite a distance from the town itself, certainly not walking distance, so after a quick and cold shower we head down to a local café for lunch. We explore Kampalat for an hour and return back to the hotel. 

Day 10 : Kampalat – Bagan (approx 7 hrs)
Breakfast and on the rocky road back to Bagan. We stop after approx 2 hours in Saw on the river for a cup of tea. With a stop for lunch on the way, through lots of teak plantation and road renovation finally we get to Bagan in the afternoon and check in at hotel.



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