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"Things to do & Best Month to Visit Burma"

Balloon Over Bagan is recommendable for enjoying the breathtaking view over the temples of Bagan.  You may enjoy the amazing panoramic view of Bagan temples within a short time about 45 to 60 minutes at sunrise or sunset instead of visiting many pagodas of Bagan by car, horse cart and bike during the hot day time. If you wish a memory of life time in Bagan, you should not miss it. 

Balloon Over Inle Lake
 will give you an exceptional experience with a panoramic view of local homes on the lake, the floating gardens and surrounding mountains by flying up to 9,000'. 

Best time to travel Myanmar is from October through March (which is high traveling season in Myanmar). Starting from October, the sky becomes clear. No more rain, no more heat. Myanmar local farmers finished their plantation works and it is time to harvest the crops. As well as it is time to celebrate for local farmers. In Myanmar celebrations appears as Festivals, Eg., Ananda Pagoda Festival in January and Shwezigon pagoda festival in November where the tourists can find the local farmers who come and pay visit to pagoda festival by bullock carts. If you choose the traveling date to travel to Myanmar from October through April, you may enjoy one of Myanmar festivals. It is also the right time to do trekking, hiking, Ballooning over Bagan, Leisure at the beach.

One condition, May to September (which is the shoulder season) will be fine with cheaper rate if the customers who want to avoid the mass of tourists. 

The main destinations such as Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, and Yangon can be visited the whole year round.

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Best Month to Visit Myanmar for enjoing any Festivals


Month: January
Festival Name: Manaw Festival (Kachin)
Event: New Year of Kachin Race. Manaw festival is held yearly in Myitkyina, in the northern part of Myanmar. 

Festival Name: Naga Festival 
Event: New Year of the Naga Ethnic. Naga traditional New Year festival is held in Lahe, Layshi, Hkamti and Nanyun alternatively, in Saggaing Division, Myanmar. 

Festival Name: Ananda Pagoda Festival 
Event: Ananda pagoda festival is held on full moon day of Pyar Tho and the pilgrims who live around Bagan come and pay homage and offer gold leafs to the pagoda or offer food and required things for monks. As well as they enjoy the temporary colourful marketplace that is opened almost 25 days. You can see the traditions of local people in Bagan.


Month: February
Festival Name: Mahamuni pagoda Festival
Event: The most crowded day is on the full moon day of Tapoedwe. Htamane-making competitions is held in during Mahamuni pagoda festival. (Htamane is the seasonal food which contains glutinous rice, peanut, sesame, coconut, peanut oil, ginger).


Month: March
Festival Name: Shwedagon pagoda Festival
Event: It is the annual festival of Shwedagon pagoda. A competition of weaving holy robes by using traditional looms by the Buddhist ladies who took the moral precepts. Then, the holy robes are offered to the four Buddha images of four corners (East, West, South and North) of Shwedagon pagoda.

Festival Name: Kekku Pagoda Festival
Event: Since Kekku is the pagoda of Pa O ethnic group, all Pa O people around Southern Shan State come and pay homage to pagoda. Pa O traditional dance, musicians and festival market can be seen there.

Festival Name: Bawgyo Pagoda Festival
Event: It is the famous festival in northern part of Shan state. Residents of Northern Shan state come and enjoy the festival of legendary pagoda. The festival market and boat races held on Dottawadi River can be seen.

Festival Name: Full Moon Day of Tabaung
Event: It is one of the public holidays of Myanmar. All Burmese from nationwide go to the near-by pagodas or famous pagodas in town and do good deeds on that day.


Month: April
Festival Name: Thingyan Festival (public holidays)
Event: It is the most popular festival in Myanmar. This is held for four days in nationwide in the second week of April. Throwing water each other is the significant figure of festival which means rinse the impurities and unluckiness by water and the next year will be cool like the water. Temporary water-spraying stations and dance floors can be seen. In the day time, Myanmar people enjoy by throwing water and they enjoy the Thingyan danse and songs in the night time.

Month: May
Festival Name: Bo Tree Watering Festival (Also known as Kasone Nyaung Yay Thon Pwe)
Event: On the full moon day of Kasone, all Buddhists in Myanmar go to the pagoda which has Bo Tree (Banyan Tree or Bodhi Tree) for watering the holy Bo Tree. Its intention is for the propagation and the long lasting of Bo Tree.   


Month: June
Festival Name: Buddhist Recitation (Alson known as Tipitaka Festival)
Event: It is held in nationwide for the Pariyatti examinations for Buddhist monks and nuns (Nikaya are recited by both monks and nuns).


Month: July
Festival Name: Full moon day of Warso (Festival of Dhammasetkya or Buddhist Lent)
Event: It is held in the whole country. Every Buddhists go to the monastery or pagoda for take Sabbath and offer the robes to the monks.


Month: August
Festival Name: Taung Pyone Nat (Spirit) Festival
Event: It is held in Taung Pyone village near Mandalay from 8th waxing day to the full moon day of Wakaung Month.


Month: September & October
Festival Name: Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival
Event: It is held in Inle Lake, Southern Shan State. During Phaung Daw Oo Festival, the Buddha images at Phaung Daw Oo pagoda are carried by Royal Barge to the monasteries or pagodas around the Inle Lake and the residents who live in Inle lake and surrounding come and pay homage to the Buddha images. Remarkable boat racing competitions by Inn Thar are held during the festival.

Festival Name: Thidingyut Festival of lights (fullmoon day of Thidingyut month)
Event: It is held in nationwide and every Buddhist homes were decorated by colorful lights which mean the Buddhists offer the lights to the Buddha’s return from heaven to earth after preaching to the gods.


Month: November 
Festival Name: Tazaung Taing Festival of Lights
Event: It is held in countrywide and every Buddhist homes were decorated by colorful lights as Thidingyut festival. As well as the Buddhists in almost every town and city sent up hot air balloons in the sky.

Festival Name: Hot Air Balloon Festival
Event: It is held in Taunggyi which is the most famous and crowded festival among the hot air balloons festivals in Myammar. Hot Air Balloons Competitions are held in both day and night time.


Month: December 
Festival Name: Kyaik-hti-yoe 'Golden Rock' Pagoda Festival
Event: It is held on the full moon day of Nattaw and the pagoda is offered by nine thousand candle lights.