Is it safe to Travel to Sittwe/Mrauk U?

Should I still visit Myanmar?

For the tourists who have above questions, we may answer “Yes”, it is still safe.

The place which took place the crisis between local Rakhine and Bengalis (international term – Rohingya) is Maung Daw which is located in Bangladesh border. It is about 110 driving kms away both from Mrauk U and Sittwe and from Yangon; it is about 745 kms away. By Reference of the trip advisory released by Ministry of Hotel and Tourism on 28, August 2017, the tourist destinations in Rakhine Region such as Mrauk U and Sittwe are still marked as safe. You may see more details as following;


Travel Advisory
August 28, 2017

The Ministry of Hotels & Tourism joins the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Anti-terrorism Central Committee, the United Nations and the many foreign governments in condemning the attacks on police posts in Rathedaung Township close to the Bangladesh border last Friday. It happened in an area that has always been closed for tourism.

Recommended communication from the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism regarding attacks near Bangladesh border .
https://www.facebook.com/moht.mm/ and https://twitter.com/tourismmm as well as www.tourism.gov.mm.

Myanmar continues to be a very safe country for foreign tourists and currently, continuous arrival of tourists through international airports, seaports and border gates, we do urge travelers to stay always within the permitted areas as indicated on the website of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism http://tourism.gov.mm/en_US/information/permitted-area/ .

All tourist sites including sunny Ngapali beach and the ancient temple ruins of Mrauk U continue to be safe to travel. The weather all over Myanmar is excellent so don’t wait for the high season but visit now.

Follow the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism for regular updates about tourism in Myanmar at www.facebook.com/moht.mm .

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism



Best time to Travel Myanmar is from October through March (which is high traveling season in Myanmar). Starting from October, the sky becomes clear. No more rain, no more heat. Myanmar local farmers finished their plantation works and it is time to harvest the crops. As well as it is time to celebrate for local farmers. In Myanmar celebrations appears as Festivals, Eg., Ananda Pagoda Festival in January and Shwezigon pagoda festival in November where the tourists can find the local farmers who come and pay visit to pagoda festival by bullock carts. If you choose the traveling date to travel to Myanmar from October through April, you may enjoy one of Myanmar festivals. It is also the right time to do trekking, hiking, Ballooning over Bagan, Leisure at the beach.

One condition, May to September (which is the shoulder season) will be fine with cheaper rate if the customers who want to avoid the mass of tourists. 

The main destinations such as Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, and Yangon can be visited the whole year round.


Dress Code in Myanmar

Men: Normally, it is not very strict for men. For visiting religious site, Shirt or T-Shirt and cotton long trousers are recommendable, but if your short pants pass below your knees, it is also acceptable. If you would like to try Myanmar Paso (Men wear), it is quite suitable for Myanmar weather and you can buy it easily. Cotton one is recommendable.

Women: As Myanmar is a conservative country, we are still wearing our traditional costumes widely though some Myanmar people wear modern fashions. Free styles are acceptable in Myanmar but must be decent. Basically your shoulders and knees needed to be covered almost all time. Bringing Sarongs and Pashminas will be the best solution for this. If you would like to try Myanmar Longyi (Women wear), it is quite suitable for Myanmar weather and you can find it easily to buy with different kinds of colours and designs.




DOs and DON’Ts for Tourists

  • Respect the Myanmar People and their unique traditions. (Visitors are not asked to abandon their way, they are asked to adapt to the Myanmar Environment.)
  • Don’t take any photos that may make people feel embarrassed.
  • Do smile. (Myanmar people are very friendly. A smile will lighten up everyone’s day.)
  • Don’t point with your foot. (Pointing with your feet means disrespect.)
  • Wear decent clothes when visiting religious site. (Please cover your shoulders and knees and take off your shoes and socks when entering pagoda areas.)
  • Do tuck away your feet. (When you sit, your legs should not be stretched out and your feet should never face the Buddha.)
  • Don’t touch any one head.
  • Please learn the basic words in Myanmar Language. (People will be delighted to meet the visitors who are willing to immerse themselves in the language.)
  • Women travelers are safe in Myanmar. (It is recommended women to dress safely.)
  • Don’t kiss in the public.
  • Don’t disturb people praying or meditating.
  • Calling with your fingers up means calling for a challenge.
  • Please learn the local customs before visiting ethnic minority villages.
  • Do try Myanmar Traditional transport facilities. It is sustainable and benefits the locals.
  • Visitors may experience the Electricity Outages.
  • Don’t touch the robe of the monk.
  • Spread your wealth, use your money wisely. (Tourists should purchase non-precious items at the local market. Licensed stores will give certificates that guarantee the authenticity of the items.)
  • Myanmar is a cultural destination. (Visitors are encouraged to learn about Myanmar ‘s Traditional festivals and ceremonies.)
  • Myanmar currency should be exchanged at the official exchanged counters and banks.
  • If the tourists wish to help the people in Myanmar, they should consider creative ways to contribute to communities, not to individuals.
  • Giving money or sweets to children is not advisable.
  • Using drugs in illegal in Myanmar.
  • Help protect Myanmar wildlife by refusing to purchase wildlife products.
  • To maintain Myanmar’s unique heritage, do not buy antiques. Buy arts and crafts instead.
  • Help us keep Myanmar clean.
  • Practice safe sex. (Prostitution is illegal in Myamar.)
  • Don’t go where you are advised not to go.